Thankful for Waking Up to a Sunrise in a Tent

Day 2,141

This morning I happened to wake up at just the right time. I rolled onto my back and slipped my sleep mask up just a tad so I could see if it was still light or dark. What I saw was amazing.

Due to the temperature we’d left all our window flaps down and had only the screens protecting us from bugs. Thanks to the lack of obstruction the first rays of sun came pouring into the tent from across the lake. The inside of our tent was lit up in a beautiful golden orange glow that was slowly moving across the tent. It was spectacular!

I just laid on my back and enjoyed the moment. While the sunbeams were very visually stimulating some of my other senses were also taking in the moment. The wind was blowing hard across the lake and I could feel the gusts blowing gently across my face. The breeze was also causing the lake to have some small waves which almost sounded like being alongside the ocean. The rhythmic sounds of water crashing on shore lulled me back to sleep.

Quite honestly, I went right back to sleep after a handful of moments. I never got up to see the sunrise itself, I was so enthralled by the lighting in the tent that I never made it that far. Regardless, that time spent in quiet appreciation for what I was experiencing was worth every bit of beauty that sunrise likely had to offer. Not only that, the missing of the sunrise itself leaves me hungry to watch the next.


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