Thankful for the Quiet Time for Contemplation at Church

Day 2,127

Our church recently merged with another church for a variety of reasons. As can be expected the changes have caused an increased awareness of so many things related to church. The two masses we normally go to were both switched to the “new” church. Many of “our” traditions were kept while blending some of “their” customs as well. Whichever church one started at there has been plenty of change to keep them on their toes.

During the quiet space that church creates, especially the 10 minutes before service starts, allows so much room for thought and contemplation. There are no distractions to be found and there isn’t much conversation. In that quiet space I have time to think…

Today that space helped me see a huge gap I must work on, remembering that I both don’t know everyone’s story and need to remember that each fellow human is my brother. I caught myself thinking about others rather than talking with them. I thought differently of “them” when I really should have been focused on “us.” So many changes I need to work on internally to be a better human. They thoughts and lessons from that quiet time today will resonate with me throughout the next weeks and help me be cognizant of the gap while also working to close it.

What a gift!


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