Thankful for Real Life “Origin Stories”

Day 2,125

During our NextGen Leadership Retreat we were fortunate to hear from two Express franchisees. They both shared their life stories with us to help us see all the different paths we have taken to grow into this role. There were laughs, tears, hugs, and so many notes taken. Having the opportunity to hear someone’s real life “origin story” is a powerful thing. So many times we don’t know all the challenges people have faced to rise up to where they’ve grown. As someone who’s shared their story the same way I can say how humbling it is to open up and share all the good, GM bad, & ugly – but yet it is so easy as it is done out of love to help others grow and find their path.

If you were to share your story, what would you include? What are the most important turning points and paths you have taken? Why have they had such a profound impact? In taking time to just sketch it out there is so much to learn about ourselves.

Today I was blessed to hear two incredible stories while also having time to think about my own. So much food for thought!


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