Thankful for the “Family” Time During Family Vacation

Day 2,098

The best part of a family vacation is not the destination or the activities. It is not in what we see, what we eat, and what we buy.

The best thing about a family vacation is the time together as a family. The creation of shared memories that we will laugh and smile about for years and years. It is in seeing the smile of a family member experiencing one of their favorite things, the sense of awe and wonder family can share together. The time together is priceless and is the vacation in and of itself. Focused time to bond, to connect, and to to share. On family vacation we have time to be present with each other – one of the greatest gifts of life.

This trip has been mind-blowing, perception altering, and inspiring. I’ve seen things I’ve never dreamt possible, found fodder for future imaginations and day dreams, and have added more ideas to my dream list. All that said, I’m most thankful for the time with my family.


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