Thankful for Blogging In This Environment

Day 2,097

Gotta love a view like this when i’m about to blog. I had a handful of thoughts and ideas of where to go with the gratitude today, but then I got my laptop outside and sat on the porch. All around me are the sounds of birds I wouldn’t have recognized a little over a week ago. The tail feathers of a snipe. The angry shouts of a tern. Countless others I don’t know.

Across the yard are a large hill and a mountain. Behind me and to the right are snow capped mountains and glaciers. Over my left shoulder are a few waterfalls.

In front of me is a tide pool slowly rising. Across from that is a giant bay and then the next peninsula of Iceland and its own set of snow covered mountains. 

The sun is out and only occasionally ducks behind a cloud. There’s a cool little breeze blowing across my face. It is the perfect temperature to type while wearing a long sleeve shirt and a pair of shorts.

This is heaven. This is heaven and I have the opportunity to blog here. What a perfect moment.


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