Thankful for Knocking Another One Off My Dream List

Day 2,095

As I type this we’re all winding down, taking turns heading to the shower, and will then be grabbing supper. After we eat we’ll play some games and head off to bed. We’ve hiked just shy of 40 miles with an elevation gain of 6,700′ over the past three days and I’m definitely feeling it. Bed sounds fantastic.

Yesterday I accomplished something I have on my dream list – spending a day in Iceland when it is daylight all day long. The longest day of sunlight was yesterday and I was here in Iceland to enjoy it. Gavin even helped me document the sunrise and sunset of the day as seen below:

For clarity – there was no flash, no outdoor lighting, and no editing other than the addition of the times. It is ridiculously bright out all day long!

To be honest, there wasn’t anything noble or bigger picture in that dream other than having the opportunity to experience daylight for 24 straight hours. Not gonna lie, it’s cool, but it’s not great for sleep. The cabin we’re staying in has dark out curtains, but there’s no bathroom. In order to go in the middle of the night I have to get up, head outside, and walk to another building. I’m used to that from camping no big deal there. What I’m definitely not used to is the daylight when making said walk. Talk about throwing my brain for a loop!

I’m glad I’ve done it, I’m thankful to have knocked one off my dream list, and I’m also questioning if I really want to have the “spend a day in Iceland during the shortest day of daylight” dream on my list anymore. It’s definitely at least dropped in priority.

All joking aside, I am so appreciative of learning the power of writing dreams down on paper. This was another opportunity to remind myself that I need to keep dreaming big (and sometimes a little weird).


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