Thankful for Natural Beauty Moving Me to Tears

Day 2,094

Words cannot do justice to what we experienced today. One of our hikes culminated in something so extraordinary and naturally beautiful I was moved to tears as I stood soaking it in. The sense of awe overcame me with emotion.

After hiking close to five miles and crossing a handful of rivers and streams (some by rock hopping and some by wading barefoot) we got to what we thought was a sad end. For sure, it was about one of the most gorgeous dead ends of all time, stopped by raging glacial rivers and gusting winds while surrounded by 100+ meter cliffs on either side. When we turned to head back we remembered the advice from the front desk help earlier in the day. “When it look like the trail ends stay left until you get to the cave and waterfall.” As luck would have it we were able to find what appeared to be another dead end but actually led to the cave.

Once we entered the cave it opened up into a natural spiral staircase made of stone. The rock seemed to be a hard baked clay with huge chunks of obsidian and other rocks mixed in, almost like a volcanic concrete. Rising above us was an opening to the sky with a waterfall dropping well over a hundred feet into the round circular area we were standing in. The water dropped from one level to the next, splitting into two streams and then merging back into one before the water reached the floor. The walls were coated with emerald green moss and vegetation which also caused additional water to fall from the walls like rain. The cool air was misty and the roar of the water the only sound. It was awesome.

We all just stood there and took it all in. I couldn’t even begin to guess how long we were there, I was caught in such a sense of wonderment that all I could think of was trying to absorb as much of the memory as possible. There was no sense of time, only a sense of awe. In that moment all I could do was stand and let the emotion of such beauty wash over me.


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