Thankful for a Sunday Morning Hike with Becky

Day 2,078

Not only did we survive our May, we seemed to enjoy it. For sure, I really like when we don’t have quite so much excitement quite as constantly as we did over the last 30ish days, but now that it’s behind me it was a pretty epic month.

This morning started out in a very different manner. Becky and I woke up early-ish and went for a nice long hike. There were very few others on the trail so we had a tremendous amount of quiet time for the two of us. There were many flowers blooming, the forest was so vividly green, and the clouds slowly rose from the bluffs in the distance. It was amazing!

The counter balances of life can be so beautiful in their own ways, today’s shift to quiet calm was exactly what the doctor ordered after the crazy busy month.


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