Thankful for Feeling Stuffed (Physically and Mentally)

Day 2,055

This year’s version of Sales Summit was another huge success. I’m wrapping up a bit early to catch my flight tomorrow morning and I’m laying in bed digesting the past 40-ish hours… and an insanely delicious meal 😉

I’ve taken so many pages of notes at Summit. Many of the classes I took were focused on leadership and strengths, all very much in line with where my personal focus has been directed recently. As such, there were so many nuggets of insight to process. The task of reviewing it all tomorrow and then parsing it down to a reasonable Top 10 list is going to be wildly difficult. By the end of my last session today my brain was completely and totally full. It was uncomfortable, but in a very good way.

After class the team and I went out for what has become our traditional Sales Summit supper – Brazillian barbeque. I ate way more than I should have and am definitely feeling stuffed now. While it feels a bit uncomfortable it reminds me of how much fun we had as a team. The entire experience seemed to have a sitcom laugh track playing behind it, we were constantly laughing! Talk about an awesome night with my work family! So many fun conversations, jokes, and whatnot. I love my team to death and I overjoyed to have had the opportunity to spend so much time with them joking and laughing like that. So blessed to have each of them around.

Time to lay in bed and digest… or fall right asleep, we’ll see which comes first.


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