Thankful for Twenty Years of Sharing Our Journey

Day 2,039

How on Earth could two decades have flown by so quickly while also being so completely filled? When I think about the length of time twenty years covers it seems like almost an eternity. When I think about the life I’ve lived within that 20 years I can’t imagine how we could have packed so much in.

Today Becky and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. Twenty years ago were married in an incredible late-April snowstorm which was so intense it took out the power to the town it was in later in the evening. The day before I was wearing shorts, the day of we had friends helping to shovel the sidewalk to the church.

Throughout the past twenty years we’ve shared so many moments and experiences. The highest of highs, the lowest of lows, and everything in between. We’ve had time to experience life as a married couple without kids, having two kids, and now seeing the end of the boys’ time at home dwindling more rapidly than expected. There’ve been so many wonderful successes, so many dreams accomplished, and yet more are added to list more quickly than they are crossed off. Together we’ve experienced profound loss, setbacks, health issues, career challenges, financial stress, and so many other difficult moments. In looking back those moments made us stronger and seem to fade a bit from memory while the former gave us the strength to push through the latter. All of the moments experienced together.

When looking back I know my life is infinitely more joyful thanks to sharing the journey with Becky. She’s propped me up and been my foundation when I am weak and in pain. She’s motivated me to live grander and grander dreams while supporting me as I reach for them. She’s given me the difficult feedback and advice I’ve needed when I haven’t lived into the person I know I should be – but always in a loving, respectful, and kind way. She’s the first to celebrate my successes and always is there to bring an extra smile to my day – sometimes through no action other than just her sheer presence in my life. She pushes me through example to be a better person, to live a better life. Becky brightens my life in so many awesome ways.

Twenty years of our journey in marriage lay behind, who knows how many lie ahead. I cannot imagine anyone I’d rather spend an eternity with than her. While I push myself to be appreciative of and blog about something unique each day, there has not been a day in the past twenty in which I wasn’t thankful for her.

Here’s to the past twenty, the next twenty, the twenty after that, and then maybe even another twenty… May our travels be many, may the journey include the difficulties we need to grow while full of living our dreams and enjoying each incredible moment we are gifted to share together.


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