Day 1,983 – Thankful for Remembering Sprints are Effective When Focused and Bookended with Rest

There are times to rest and relax, and there are times for action. Sometimes the rest is a little extreme (taking a two week vacation) as are the times for action.

Over the past handful of years I’ve gotten better at running in “sprints.” Those are the times when there’s a lot to get done and a very finite amount of time to do them. They force me to run at a sprint pace, but they also provide extreme focus and a clearly defined finish line. In sprinting I can work incredibly efficiently and effectively, but only for so long and I’ll need extra rest afterwards.

I’m currently mid sprint and have my finish line set clearly. I’ve got my periods of rest both behind me and ahead of me. Blinders to distractions are on, focused on the finish line. I’d say the champagne is on ice, but I haven’t had a drink yet in 2022 so I guess that metaphor doesn’t really work too well 😉

Time to rest – read and sleep – before waking up to sprint for another day.


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