Day 1,960 – Thankful for Returning to the Yoga Studio

For some reason I never quite “want” to go when Becky talks about going to yoga in the abstract. I want to chill out at home. I want to sit on my butt and relax. I want to just be quiet and do nothing… but I really don’t. I want to go to yoga.

Going to yoga means I’m going to sweat my butt off and get one heck of a workout in. I’m going to stretch muscles in places I didn’t know needed to be stretched. My mind is going to reach a state of stillness which so easily eludes normal life. Yoga will help me quiet my soul and find the serenity I desperately crave after the noise and busyness of work. Going to yoga means I’ll sleep like a champ tonight and will start my morning in a deep state of chill and calm.

Stay at home or return to the yoga studio? The decision was easy, the right answer wasn’t the first response, but exactly what I needed.

Calm. Still. Breathe in, breathe out. Namaste.


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