Day 1,959 – Thankful for a Wonderfully Chill Weekend

This weekend has been one I’ll remember for quite some time in all of its non-excitement. Nothing too crazy and I’ve only left the house to run errands and to go for a hike. No big events, no projects, nothing. And it has been exactly what I’ve needed.

I’ve gotten well over 18 hours of sleep over the past two nights. Yesterday I had the house to myself for just over 12 hours while Becky & the boys went up to their Uncle Matt’s house to make venison sausage. The time to myself was the medicine I needed more than I knew. I love time with my family and always appreciate it. Having time to myself was quiet, peaceful, and rejuvenating.

Today we did church as a family. I spent time hiking with Becky. We did supper as a family. The boys and I watched a movie together to wrap up the night (it was a history lesson, we watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter). In between activities I spent time reading and relaxing.

Time to myself. Time with family. Time with Becky. Time with my boys. Perfect.


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