Day 1,938 – Thankful for Enjoying the Different Seasons of Lake Superior

Walking in the woods today had such a different feel than it did in our last summer trip to the Minnesota side of Lake Superior. While there was much familiarity with the types of wooded areas, rocky outcroppings, and the crashing of waves on the shore of the lake there was also much completely different.

Case in point, when looking at rocks in the summer I’m usually in the lake past my knees. Today I was on the shore, trying to gauge my footing on the ice, and attempting to avoid the waves rolling in. Rather than the beautiful rocks jutting out from the shore I kept a stronger focus on the thick coating of ice which encased the stone. There was no greenery to watch in the forest, only shades of white and gray. Such contrast from season to season.

What an inspiring opportunity to remember that there is much to be grateful for throughout each of life’s seasons. Rather than wishing away one season for the next there is a beauty to be found within each moment of each season. Enjoy the present, find the reasons to be thankful for it, and savor it. Whether a season of growth, life, death, or dormancy, each is natural and equal in its importance. Without one the others cannot exist. Watch for the gifts of each and I will be rewarded.

Lake Superior presented a very different experience over the past few days, I’m grateful for the opportunity to soak it all up!


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