Day 1,936 – Thankful for Frozen Waterfalls

The weather outside maybe be a little chilly, but it wasn’t too cold to prevent Becky and I from hiking. In spite of the sub zero wind chill we were able to bundle up and spend a few hours wandering through the woods. The air was so cold that the condensation from breathing froze my beard hair into ice balls. It was wild!

The trails themselves were nice, but the frozen waterfalls were definitely the highlight of the hikes. Watching the water flow in an open window of ice and then go below the snow was mesmerizing. There were points when we could see the water behind a semi transparent sheet of ice. Adding to the awesomeness were the wolf tracks walking out of the woods, to the open water, and then back into the woods.

The normal waterfall sound was, at times, choked out by the layers of snow and ice above. The contrast of normal waterfalls sounds with the deep silences of water muted by snow was surreal. At one of the waterfalls there was a place in which there was a small opening in the ice above the drop of the waterfall. The sound emitting from it was a low rumble of the crashing water reverberating back up through the icy tube and back into the world. At times it sounded similar to Wind Cave.

One of the things I found most interesting about the frozen waterfalls was the notion of complete stillness as the ice and snow hid the intense pressure, movement, and power below. It reminded me that there is some much more to everything in life than what meets the eye. The combination of power and beauty is one I’ll remember for quite some time.


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