Day 1,935 – Thankful for a Quote, Quiet and Conversation, Backpacking Memories, and Asking a New Question

Hmm… another interesting blog kind of day! Definitely one that is going to take some typing to unpack. I feel like there were a handful of times when I was pausing to appreciate something in the moment, but I’m struggling to pull the moment to mind. We’ll see what happens 🙂

While riding my bike on the trainer today I caught an unusually insightful quote from the TV series I’ve been watching as I exercise. This quote from Gerald on Witcher is one for me to remember.

“Our best chance is to kill the hatred we hold onto and move on.”

One of the things I enjoy about life with Becky is the ability to shift between engaging conversation and enjoying the quiet. On a drive today there were periods of both. Neither felt tedious, forced, or unnatural. We both enjoy conversation with each other and we both enjoy quiet time to think and process. The ride today was a reminder of how much I appreciate the balance we have.

On several occasions our conversation went back to our backpacking trips last summer to the Porcupine Mountains and Isle Royale. We walked back through the trail and experiences we had. So many memories were made on that trip. In looking back my heart is full of joy. We were outside, enjoying life at its most simple, breathing in fresh air, soaking in the beauty of the outdoors. Perfection! I swear I could feel my shoulders relax my heart rate slow as I thought back to those times.

Another thought I spent time on this afternoon was a focus on one of my biggest failures in business. It was a mistake which caused several other challenges that I still work to repair. What is interesting is that now that time has passed I’m able to better review the situation without much emotion. It has happened, I have learned from it, and it is time to move on. Time really can really help to heal wounds. How do I change my mindset to allow healing with almost no time going past? How can I remind myself in the heat of a moment that in a matter of years I will look back at this with the clarity of years? How do I skip the years and go straight to better self assessment? Today I didn’t find the answer, but I am grateful to have realized that I should ask the question.


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