Day 1,896 – Thankful for Hiking On a Dreary Day

Sure, I love the sun as much as pretty much anyone. There’s an extra dose of energy that I seem to have when I’m able to get some Vitamin D throughout the day. It’s easy to be pumped up and motivated on a sunny day.

Today was quite the opposite. It’s been totally dark and dreary all day long, no sunshine, not even a glimpse. Throughout most of the day it’s felt like an hour before dusk.

Rather than be fixated on that we went out for a hike. You know what? Hiking on the trails on the dreariest of days is still sooooo much better than sitting inside on a sunny day.

The fresh air got me moving and feeling good. The dark gray skies added a pretty wild contrast in colors on the bluffs compared to what I’m used to. The trails all looked and felt different in an awesome kind of way. We enjoyed the outdoors together as a family (w/o Dominic as he’s up north snowboarding 🏂) and that’s always time well spent regardless of the level of sunshine.


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