Day 1,895 – Thankful for Remembering to Give Myself Grace

Somehow, after half a dozen years, I missed typing up my blog yesterday. The funny thing is that at one point I started, but then I moved on to take care of something else and then I never went back to it.

The entire say was amazing, so many reasons to be grateful… getting our family Christmas tree, cleaning up, a bonus run, a nice walk with the family, watching the new Ghostbusters movie together, and so on. There were also many moments of insight thanks to a new book I’ve been reading. Opportunity after opportunity to write about being thankful.

Somehow I missed the actual writing until as I was typing the blog for today.

I faced a decision. Get angry at myself for missing out on doing something I’ve done daily for over six years, or realize I’m human, I made a mistake, and I had a wildly joyful and fulfilling day.

I decided to give myself some grace, blog a bonus blog today, and will move on.


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