Day 1,888 – Thankful for a Bonus Sunday and a Beautiful Sunrise Reminding Me to Appreciate the Temporary Nature of Life

The long weekend has been a very welcome guest this week! After driving home today we knocked out almost all of our errands for the weekend, all the stuff we typically would do on a Sunday. With everything out of the way I’ve got a bonus Sunday tomorrow – woo hoo! There’s a lot I want to get done tomorrow, but that’s totally fine, I’ve got time for it as tomorrow is Bonus Sunday. Now I just need to find a way to work this our more often 😉

On Friday morning I awoke just in time to throw on my shoes and head outside to catch a stunning sunrise. As normal, the pics don’t do it justice. I snapped a few and then just stood there and soaked it in. Right in front of me the entire sky and world within my vision shifted from dark shades of blue and purple to deep reds, pinks, and then orange. In a matter of moments the entire sky transformed.

Within the moments of change was a splendor which was intensified by the fleetingness of the experience. The majesty of the sunrise was compounded exponentially by the temporary nature of the sunrise. My soul focused so deeply on the sunrise as I knew each second that passed meant the beauty was shifting and getting one second closer to disappearing.

The sunrise was made all the more beautiful by the knowledge that it would only exist for a moment and would then be gone. Because it was finite I knew it should be appreciated in its fullness in that moment as the moment was soon to be gone.

What a stunning reminder of the temporary nature of life.


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