Day 1,885 – Thankful for a Raised Heart Rate In a State of Calm

This afternoon I was out in the woods with the boys and family. While everyone else hunted I had no rifle on me. My only intent was to spend time with family hiking through the woods. I was quickly reminded of my favorite times out with Dad, not caring if I got anything back then, just soaking in the peace of being outdoors.

At one point I paused to listen to the sound of stillness. I listened, looked around, drew a nice deep breath in through my nose… and just about had a heart attack!

Seemingly out of nowhere a whitetail deer jumped out from where it had been quietly hidden. It took off like a shot out of a cannon from only 15-20 feet away. Before I knew it the deer bounded away through the thick brush and was gone. Talk about wild!

I laughed out loud and took a minute to enjoy the sensations coursing through me. Excitement, joy, happiness, fulfillment, wonder, and gratitude. The encounter was beyond anything I had hoped to experience on this trip to the woods.

Yes, my heart just about leapt from my chest, but I can’t describe just how awesomely surreal the entire moment was. Throw in the white rabbit that followed up the deer a few minutes later and it was like I was in a Disney movie!

I’m so thankful for the experience! I don’t need to hunt any time soon, spending time in the slaloms chasing and encounter like that is what I’m truly after.


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