Day 1,884 – Thankful for Remembering to Stop to Smell the Roses with One of My Teams

Life in the staffing world is ridiculously busy. Nonstop calls, texts, and emails from employers looking for new talent to add to their teams. Just as many conversations with job seekers working with them to figure out the best possible fit for them. Day after day it can sometimes feel like a hamster wheel out of control as it seems the harder we work the faster the wheel turns and it seems to never stop and pause.

This afternoon we hit the Pause button and took some much needed time to enjoy some of our recent victories as a team. First we brought in an awesome Mixologist from Eau Claire Cocktail Company to show us how to make some tasty drinks. Then we were off to the escape room in which we set the record for the fastest time without a single clue!

Throughout we were laughing, enjoying each others company, and getting to know each other better. It was nothing short of spectacular. So easy to keep grinding, so much appreciated to pause, breathe, and laugh together. I’m so thankful we took time to smell the roses and celebrate today!


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