Day 1,869 – Thankful for Whipping a U Turn to Enjoy Dessert on My Ride Home

During a break in our monthly “Think Day” my phone showed a notification of my WeCroak app. It was time for one of my daily quotes. I opened it up to find the following quote:

Life is short and unpredictable. Eat dessert first.

Helen Keller

I smiled, thought about the quote more deeply, smiled wider, and then took a screenshot to save it for later. The quote was in the back of my mind for the rest of the meeting.

On my drive home from Winona I was mesmerized by the way the the last rays of sunlight were hitting the bluffs. The contrast of the cloud shaded bottom of the bluff and the orange lit top of the bluff was striking. It reminded me of a place in Death Valley named The Beacon due to the way the very top lit up in the sunrise.

The quote from earlier in the day rang through my soul. I grinned, turned on my blinker, and whipped a U turn into a scenic pullout area. This was my dessert. I was going to take a few minutes to enjoy it more deeply.

Life is short and tomorrow is promised to no one. Enjoy the moment. Eat dessert first.


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