Day 1,863 – Thankful for Satisfying Groans, Great Health, Growth, & Planning

Hmm… a few different directions to go today with my gratitude. I always like days like this, they usually include several nuggets from the day rather than just one main theme. I think I’ll go rapid fire bullet point style tonight 😁👍:

  • If anyone heard the groans of an undead ghoul this morning I can assure you it wasn’t a Halloween holdover… it was me doing my best to roll out of bed. Yoga last night was INTENSE!!! By far one of the hardest yoga workouts I’ve had in a very long time. Each muscle group was sore and stiff this morning and it felt amazing!!! While it hurts it also feels like accomplishment.
  • The annual check up for both boys went very well today. It is so easy for me to quickly overlook good health and take it for granted. Days like this remind me to appreciate the excellent health and fitness of both of them.
  • Often the boys help me rise to the occasion to be better for them. Today was an opportunity to both help them and coach them on why it is important to communicate and ask questions.
  • Making difficult decisions isn’t easy – that’s why they are difficult 😉. Remembering to listen to my values is, on the other hand, quite simple and won’t lead me astray. I was reminded of that today.
  • In looking ahead to next year it would be easy to feel overwhelmed. There are so many opportunities for growth and so many paths to potentially take. Today we took first steps in setting that path and are remembering to stay focused on one step at a time. I am reminded that there will always be more excellent ideas than there is time to execute all of them well. Brainstorm, focus , execute. Fantastic progress.

So many great things, and that’s not even all of them. Thank you to everyone who played a role in making this a great day!


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