Day 1,862 – Thankful for More Reasons to Travel – Impromptu Vacation Memories Over Dinner

There are so many reasons our family loves to travel so much. I’m intrigued as to how many times the words “vacation” or “travel” have appeared throughout the past 2,227 blog posts. What I am grateful for today is another reminder of why I am thankful for traveling with my family.

Over our family dinner tonight Dominic was sharing how he had temporarily misplaced his earbuds in the side pocket of his driver’s side door. We talked about the weird rip in the time space continuum that must exist there as it seems objects put into the pocket gravitate to hat one little place in the pocket in which you can’t quite feel the object you’re searching for the first several times you reach your hand into it. You know which part of the side door pocket I’m talking about, right? I swear, there’s a weird shifting of gravitational pull in that door…

Anyways, as we laughed about that I remembered someone losing their phone in that pocket on a vacation a while ago. Very quickly we remembered that it was in Maui. Dominic “lost” his phone and he and I had to drive back 15 minutes to go look for where we thought it must’ve been left while Becky and Gavin hiked (and saw whales). By the time we got back I happened to reach into the pocket for the 375th time and was rewarded with his phone.

Next thing we knew, our dinner conversation shifted to memories of that trip to Hawaii and the sights we saw. We talked about Gavin sleepwalking out of the condo in search of “a better…” Not only that, but we even got a little into other vacations as well. Every one of us were smiling as we re-lived some of those excellent memories.

I am still in disbelief of this photo being from three years ago!

I’m so grateful for our family putting a high premium on family travel – distant or local. In those moments we have the opportunity to create incredible memories, learn new things, experience different cultures, and walk away with fodder for future dinner conversations. Stuff comes and goes, memories are forever inscribed in our hearts.


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