Day 1,850 – Thankful for My Daily Cup of Tea, Writing My Blog

Ahh… there it is, the first break in the action today. Sitting on the couch right now is the first time I’ve really had to take a deep breath and relax. Even my car rides to and from Winona were full of focused thought. The day has been very productive and I’ve made more progress than I’ve lost. Some frustrations, more wins, and a lot of ground covered.

At one point in my day I was reminded of a story of Thich Nhat Hanh, also known as the calmest human alive. Each day he spends an hour drinking his cup of tea. He smells it. He feels the warmth of the mug in his hands. He slowly sips it and takes time and care to focus on the taste. For an entire hour he focuses on drinking his tea. This is the process he uses for calming his mind and focusing only on the present. In pausing to intentionally enjoy his tea he sets his focus to the moment at hand. No stress. No worries about the past nor the future. Only the cup of tea in his hands.

As nonstop as my day has been it has been lived wildly. I’ve been mired in the past. I’ve drown in the future. I’ve been in one conversation and yet mentally preparing for another. My mind has been racing all day long in many directions. I’m exhausted.

Then I sit down to write my blog. Everything else clears. My mind is focused only on this task at hand. It doesn’t last an hour, but for the moments I write my mind is focused on the here and now, on my gratitude. This is my time to pause, to breathe, and to focus only on the sensation of thankfulness.

Today I am thankful for my daily cup of tea, writing my blog.


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