Day 1,849 – Thankful for a Dominic Soccer / Band Daily Double

Tonight was the first round of regional playoffs for Dominic’s soccer team. They turned in their best performance of the season so far with a 9-1 dismantling of their opponent. Courtesy of the win they will now travel to outside Madison for their next game on Thursday. As always it was a blast watching his team and him play.

Less than a few minutes after the conclusion we were off to his band concert. He and a few teammates had to skip their post game wrap up in order to high tail it to the middle school for their band concert. In a very short period of time he had switched from one uniform to the next! The high school band put on a on impressive pep / marching band display. Again, it was a blast watching him play with his band.

After the concert we all rallied at the house and talked about the game, the concert, and what was next. I really appreciate and enjoy those moments of all of us together spending time as a family doing nothing but talking with each other.

Now I’m exhausted and ready for bed. The alarm will go off sooner than I’d like, but I’m okay with it. The daily double of Dominic was well worth being tired for.


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