Day 1,828 – Thankful for Birthday Bacon, Texts from Friends, a Deep Quote, and an Excellent Day

As soon as we got home from our morning walk I fired up a little birthday treat for myself… Birthday Bacon! 🥓 Not gonna lie, that may have to become a tradition.

In all seriousness, I am very thankful for the text messages from so many friends. Nothing like hearing from friends and reconnecting! While I really don’t find my birthday to be a big deal it is a pretty sweet tripwire to encourage some conversations.

My WeCroak app had a deep quote that really hit home today:

Today has been an excellent day in so many ways. Time with family, productive day at work, re-connecting with friends, delicious food, and a helluva soccer game to wrap it all up. I’m exhausted… and all smiles.


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