Day 1,827 – Thankful for Giving Thanks as I Wrote My Acknowledgements

My writing yesterday was amongst the most fulfilling to date. Spending time putting my acknowledgments to paper was a soul filling endeavor. Once again I am amazed by the ability of such a seemingly simple, easy, and small action to have an extraordinarily profound impact on my attitude and well being.

Spending time in gratitude is such an easy thing to do. It is 100% under my control to do. It has zero cost involved. There are no materials necessary. It can be accomplished in any conceivable location and at any moment of any day. All it requires is my intention and focus. That’s it!

Focus on someone specific I’m grateful for, keep them in mind, focus on what qualities they have, experiences we’ve shared, or my respect for them and I can’t help but smile. Taking time to write those thoughts down and share them enhances the experience all the more.

Taking time yesterday to write my gratitude for a handful of people was wildly joyful and experience I’m very grateful for.


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