Day 1,802 – Thankful for Cemetery Walks During Lunch, Thinking About Mortality, and the Start of a Story

Over lunch today I did something that was habit for quite some time a couple of years ago. I changed into shorts, put on my headphones, and went for a walk to the Woodlawn Cemetery. The cemetery is almost exactly a mile and a half and I’m able to cruise there with minimal traffic.

Once I’m through the gate there is rarely anyone in earshot, let alone anywhere else in the graveyard. There’s an immediate calm in that place, a silence that shrouds it from “real life.” My senses become so much more aware and my mind is very much present and focused on only what I see and deep thoughts about mortality.

As I’ve mentioned before, it is far from a cry for help, rather it is in this sacred space in which I feel most alive. I’m surrounded by reminders of the ephemeral nature of life and how important it is for me to live fully while I’m still upright and taking in nourishment. This time reminds me not to squander the brief span of time my life fills, to focus on living into my best self.

In short, my time in the cemetery reminds me to appreciate life itself and to act accordingly. What a beautiful way to start the afternoon!

Today was also interesting as I went through a stretch of tombstones I hadn’t really spent time focusing on in the past. One in particular caught my attention and got my creative juices flowing…

In my head the backbone of a fiction started to form. Who is John C Volta? How is he presently 173 years old? If he’s passed (most likely he has) – why was the date never added to his tombstone? Interesting indeed! It’s apparent that I’ve been reading too much Stephen King lately 😉 Getting into the start of this fiction had me smiling as I walked back to the office.

The perfect was to split up a busy day in the office!


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