Day 1,799 – Thankful for Becky’s Birthday

Another whirlwind day is wrapping up as I sit in the soccer field parking lot waiting for practice to wrap up for Gavin. The day has been jammed – almost all great stuff – but jammed nonetheless. The normal rhythm has started to kick back in, tomorrow will be almost 100% on track, and by Wednesday it’ll be totally back to usual. Funny how excited I am to get back to normal!

Today is Becky’s birthday! For a few years we’d established a a sweet routine of taking her birthday off to travel or at least go hiking. With having just traveled it was almost as if we just celebrated her birthday a little early with Bruce last week. Hmm… I wonder where we’ll go for her birthday next year. We’re sure to be doing something fun for it and I’ve already marked myself out for the day next year.

I’m grateful for birthdays as they remind us to pause and appreciate the person who’s birthday it is. Over the past few years I’ve really started to notice how here may be the best of intentions to blog about someone outside of their birthday, but it doesn’t always end up being what I write about. For some reason I get too nervous and am self conscious of not writing well enough to do the person the justice they deserve. I know, it’s foolish to think that way, but the ego can be a ripe bastard sometimes. 😉

Today I’ve been thinking about how much I appreciate Becky often. With it being a day all about her my thoughts seemed to drift off to her on a regular basis. I was thankful for her smile, her laugh, her smarts, her jokes, her texts, her hugs, love, her support of my dreams, her passion of the outdoors and nature, her discipline, her focus and attention to detail, her mothering skills, her beauty (physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual), her love of travel, her ability to see the best in me when I don’t, her willingness to kick my ass when I need it, and just about every single thing about her. She brings the color to my life, helps me attempt to live into my best self, and is the best life partner I could ever dream for. I think these things often, but I especially took note of all of them today.


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