Day 1,794 – Thankful for Flow State Writing

Flights home, time away, great food, completed dreams, walking in airports, safe travels, and the list goes on and on today. Much to be thankful for today, there are so many options to pursue for my blog today. But they might each need to wait for another day to have their moment of glory.

On our flight to New York and in our flight back to Minneapolis my writing juices were flowing well. The excitement of leaving town on a flight helped fuel my writing with a nervous energy. The writing on our flight today was primed and ready thanks to many thoughts from the concert last night. Both days saw the clouds part and I could so clearly see exactly what I wanted to say.

I’ve been making slow and steady progress since my last coaching call. These past two sessions seemed to go wildly smoothly. Since taking time to really look at what’s next my brain has been working the concepts over and over again. My mind must’ve had enough time to process and I was able to get into a sweet state of flow.

What I’m also reminded of today is just how therapeutic writing is for me. Taking a step outside of myself and processing thought and emotion Haley’s me see the world so much more clearly.


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