Day 1,766 – Thankful for Projects, Re-Purposing, and Pics

Three very different things all called out to be blogged about today. Each of them were full of purpose and reward and brought joy to my life, for very different and yet oddly related reasons.

After work I ran to the grocery store quickly so I could grill for Becky, Dominic, and I tonight. As soon as I was home I was outside working on a project. Forget the brain work of the majority of the day, this was time for a much more physical function. Spending time on a project like this is such a wonderful contrast to the work I’d been doing all day and provided a very different sense of purpose. I was hot, sweaty, dirty, and loving every minute of it.

The project itself is re-purposing the treehouse the boys and I built with Dad several years ago. At the time it was something on the boys’ dream lists and Dad was happy to come down to help us build it. Emerald Ash Borers took over the ash tree it was attached to so we put it on stilts. When we re-landscaped the backyard we moved it out of the way. Now that the boys have grown well beyond treehouse age we knew it was time to take it down. Rather than just get rid of it and all the memories we created when we built it with Dad we went down a different path. We are re-purposing it into a shed for our lawn mower and snow blower. There was the perfect space behind the garage so Dominic and I have spent the past few nights taking it apart and re-building it in its new home. I am grateful for finding a way to keep using it in a new function rather than just tearing it down and throwing it away.

I’m in the process of backing up our saved photos. It is kind of a pain in the butt and I forgot how long it takes to save all the files even with an automated process. What’s been an unexpectedly awesome benefit is the occasional glance at pictures I’m seeing as the app runs from the most recent to the oldest photos. Many times I’ve glanced over to catch a quick view of a picture… almost always from a vacation! I’ve been smiling and remembering excellent adventures each time I look over and see the next photo being saved.

Three very different things, but all tied to one common purpose… they are all parts, in one way or another, of dreams I’ve had and lived. Spending time in thought on each has me smiling and holding two thoughts in my head at the same time. Gratitude for all that I’ve accomplished and also gratitude for all that I have yet to accomplish.


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