Day 1,765 – Thankful for Awareness and a +2 Day

Awareness is a truly remarkable thing. Without it I stumble in the dark while grasping for an unknown thing I’m in search of. With it I’ve got a light, a map, and a detailed description of exactly what I’m looking for. Once aware I can begin to solve and grow.

The past few days have been full of awareness of a specific set of behaviors. This unending quest to fix everything leaves me spent and unable to focus on the most critical aspects of certain parts of my business. Once my awareness was keyed in to what this looked like I have been able to watch for it with vigilance and sometimes even stop it before it happens.

This morning I felt compelled to fire up an old favorite in my audiobook library, Atomic Habits by James Clear. Within the first few chapters I figured out one of the reasons my mind called for this book. One of the techniques in generating better habits is a technique called “Make it obvious.” It hit the nail on the head and I giggled as I listened to it. The concept was so spot on that it hurt in a good way.

Jim Collins is renowned for keeping a daily journal of his days. Each day he scores his joy on the scale of -2 to +2 and jots a note to himself about why he scored that way. This journal then becomes the measurement and research tool for him to continually grow.

Today was a +2 day for me. Full of purpose, growth, good choices, development, purpose, laughs, and love. I’ll go to bed with a smile on my face for sure this evening!


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