Day 1,747 – Thankful for People Willing to Share Honest Feedback and Remembering to Pause to Focus on the Main Thing

Sometimes I get feedback I don’t want to hear. I may not want to hear it but I need to hear it. In those moments I am able to get a different perspective. Maybe it is something I’ve been avoiding, maybe it is something I hadn’t noticed, or maybe it was something I’d forgotten. Regardless, that feedback can make all the difference in the world.

What’s interesting is that I’m almost always grateful for that feedback, even if it makes me cringe. That feedback helps me grow and move forward so even when it hurts I know it is a positive. What I’m not always as grateful for as I should be is for the person who shared the feedback. sharing difficult feedback takes courage, guts, a desire to do the right thing, and love.

Today I’m grateful for someone who shared feedback with me that was needed and took some guts to share. I’m eternally thankful for their help and feedback today!

Something else that really hit home for me today was the importance of remembering to focus on the main thing. I’ve been making great progress on a short list of goals this year because I always keep them in front of me. In addition to those goals I need to remember to use that same laser like focus in all areas of my life. It is so easy to become distracted with complexity and adding on, but so often the most work gets done by focusing on the main thing. The reminder today will stick for quite a while!


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