Day 1,746 – Thankful for Running a Sprint and the Upcoming Reward

What a day it has been! I was wheels up for Eau Claire by 4:45am and didn’t get back home until 6:15pm this evening. It was a long one, no question. That said, I’m thankful for busting my butt for an extended period of time today.

I don’t have many marathon days like this anymore. They seem to only come up in weeks like this when it’s already a short week,I’ve got another short week ahead of me, and I’ve got a handful of projects I’d like to wrap up. I often think of time like this as a sprint. There’s a finite starting and finish line. During that time it is 100% go time. It is exhausting but well worth the reward at the end of the finish line. Run hard, push through, and then enjoy the spoils of victory.

In this case the finish line is a long weekend of hiking in Colorado. That expo with the boys will be well worth the price of long days.

Yes, it is tiring and trying at times, but it also provides me an opportunity to focus on essentialism and efficiency. Through our most challenging times we often find our greatest rewards. I’m worn out today, but in a wonderful way, much like the muscle exhaustion after a great lifting session. Off to bed soon, wake up, run, and do it all over again. I’m ready!



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