Day 1,715 – Thankful for a Great Lesson, Slow is Smooth, Smooth is Fast

This morning I jumped right into work mode. I had a lot to accomplish and I was in the mood to get cracking right away. My mind was running in hyper speed as I knocked out task after task. Needless to say I was in the zone and hyper focused on the task at hand.

My day was pretty tightly scripted as I was both working form home in the morning and then taking the boys to Winona after Dominic’s track practice so they could spend the afternoon picking weeds for our Winona office. Everything was lined up to run almost perfectly.

Dominic biked to practice while I was on a call. Gavin got everything ready for their landscaping work while I was on a Zoom meeting. At 11:50am we hit the road to cruise to pick up Dominic from practice to make the run up to Winona – right on time.

When I pulled up Dominic walked up and looked a little confused. I asked him what was up.

“Umm… what are we going to do with my bike?”

Dominic then pointed out that practice was done about 15 minutes early and he would have had time to bike home and we could have been on the road on time.

In a heartbeat I realized that I had been hustling and so hyper focused that I hadn’t taken a step back to make sure that everything fit as intended.

Talk about a slap upside the head! In my rush I’d completely missed the details that would have made all the difference. Instead my day was knocked off kilter. My rush to be on time caused me to be the exact opposite.

Everything ended up working out okay, but there was definitely more stress than there needed to be.

All I had to do was pause, take a deep breath, take the long view, and I would have found that the day would’ve worked out even better than I’d planned.

Pain in the butt and mildly frustrating, but a great lesson nonetheless.


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