Day 1,714 – Thankful for When Road Trip Timing Works Out Perfectly

Soccer season for the boys often means driving all over the place for games. Quite often we’re making runs to the Madison area along with trips to Des Moines and South Dakota. This means a lot of weekend miles, but it’s well worth it to watch the boys play.

This weekend everything seemed to work out way better than it had any right to. As luck would have it the game was only a short fifteen minute drive from my little brother’s house. How perfect is that? Not only was it that close, but it was on a day when he and his family didn’t already have plans for the day!

Gavin and I took off early this morning, got to hangout with Nick, Jennifer, Sela, Lauren, and Cooper for a few hours before the game. As I type they’re en route to the field to watch the game with me. We’ll get another hour and a half together while enjoying the sun and a soccer match.

I am so grateful for these moments when everything just seems to work out right. I know the busy-ness of having kids will only last another short handful of years and I want to enjoy every moment of that time while spending time with everyone else I know and love. When things work out to able to do both all I can do is smile and be grateful.


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