Day 1,695 – Thankful for Thought Provoking Questions and Phyllis & Anne

Today I had an awesome meeting with my writing coach and editor. This was our first time talking through the specifics of my first draft. Just knowing that they’d both read it in its entirety was wild in a way I can’t really describe. They both did a fantastic job of walking me through the process and helped me feel both comfortable and confident quickly.

After a few notes my editor asked a very deep and thought provoking question. It was one so good that I couldn’t help but pause and breathe. I knew there would be questions, but I wasn’t assuming there would be one so intensely on point. My brain felt stretched by the question… in an awesome way.

Last night at yoga Nick mentioned that by pushing ourselves to and just past the edge of what we feel is possible is where we make progress. A couple of weeks ago I thanked our deacon for his homily as it made me feel very uncomfortable in a very positive and thought provoking way. In moments of extreme discomfort we have the opportunity to find growth. Her question pushed me in a similar way.

I opened myself up completely to the question and went with it. My mind and heart let loose the first waves of answers they came up with. As my mind kept moving forward the answers that came out were quite surprising. The question led to more questions… to more answers… to more questions… and so on. It was pretty sweet!

The excellent questions really helped me to hone in on a few of the ideas I really wanted to get across in the story but I hadn’t been able put into words. Heck, some of the thoughts were still somewhat hidden within other writings and ideas. in some ways Phyllis and Anne were like paleontologists digging up fossils and the questions were the picks to help expose the bone. After one single question I was realizing just how grateful I am for their expertise and help.

Progress towards a dream was made and their help and thought provoking questions are already helping to show my dream into a significantly improved version of what I thought possible. I’m very thankful for their help and insights today.


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