Day 1,684 – Thankful for an Ounce (or 36) of Preparation

Dominic and I spent some time wandering through Woodman’s this evening. With the clock ticking towards our backpacking trips we wanted to get a jump on preparation. One of the most important factors of a successful trip is making sure we’ve got the right food to keep us going for a handful of days. We were able to figure out what seem to be some pretty tasty ways to hit our 3,000+ calories per day.

Tonight I’m thankful for all of my years of Scouting and outdoors experience. One of the most tried and true – and consistent – training mantras is to be prepared. We never know exactly what we will encounter on any given day or trip, but we can be prepared for almost any possibility. By taking time to think ahead, plan, and prepare, we set ourselves up for success in even some of the most difficult situations.

One of the other benefits of preparing early is being able to test things out, experiment, and then prepare even better. Tonight Dominic and I took the time to think through our food choices, test some hunches, and take a test run of our nutritional plan. Our odds of a successful (and enjoyable) trip have increased significantly thanks to our preparation tonight… all 36 ounces of it 😉


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