Day 1,665 – Thankful for the Perfect Harmony of the Day

What I’m most thankful for today has been the flow of the day. The majority of days seem to either be a bit rushed at times or felt a bit disjointed. Many times there are curveballs thrown my way which knocks things a little out of true. These are not bad days, for sure, but they have moments that make the day feel like it is isn’t a perfectly synchronized work of art.

In the Dan Brown book Origins there’s an interesting comparison made. A crowd of people at a gathering hear what sounds like a small child banging away on a piano. Random notes, no chords, zero rhythm, and it is painful to listen to. After a short period of time the noise fades away and is replaced by a wonderfully performed symphony on the same piano. People are stirred to emotions and feel moved. The technical sounds are the same, the organization of them is how they transform from noise to beauty. The order creates flow.

From our hike today 🙂

Today each activity flowed beautifully from one activity to the next. There was seemingly no wasted moments while never feeling rushed. From the moment I woke up until now there’s been an incredible synchronicity to today. I had just enough time to start the next step of one project before Becky pulled out Butter Braids out of the oven. There was exactly enough time to work on the next step of one project and wrap up another before we ran to the grocery store. Grocery shopping seemed almost too simple and carefree. At home there was enough time to prep the sliders for our lunch while taking care of a couple of other things. Grab food, drop off Dominic for his referee assignment and then knock out a sweet 5+ mile hike with our packs on. We wrapped up just in time to get Dominic after his game was done. Becky and I ran a couple of errands, came home and knocked out other projects. She ran the boys to Scouts and we had an upbeat and positive unexpected phone call that landed at exactly the time we both were in between activities. Pick up the boys, finish grilling, eat, go for a walk with the dogs, back up to the workshop, help Gavin on a project, come inside, blog and soon go to bed. Everything perfectly in harmony, perfectly timed.

Today I’m grateful for the reminder to pause and be thankful for days like this when they happen. Enjoy the sensation of everything being perfectly in tune. Also, remember how these days happen. Yes, some of it is due to serendipity. That said, there’s also much credit due for focusing on the goals I want to accomplish, thinking ahead in how things will fit, giving myself extra time, and remembering to roll with the changes without emotion, only logic. The perfect timing of today didn’t happen merely by accident. There are so many ways I can control what I can control to help make the day flow like this. It won’t always work, but it will more often when I live intentionally.


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