Day 1,664 – Thankful for a Saturday Full of Stuff I Enjoy

I was going to find something more specific or witty, but the title really fits what I am grateful for today.

After waking up this morning I showered up and took Gavin to his soccer game. With the extra 40 minutes I had I reclined the seat a little and read in the quiet car. It was exactly how much time I needed to finish the book I’ve been reading, The Push by Tommy Caldwell.

Gavin played well in his game as I watched while standing in the sun. The heat of the sun felt so amazing after the gloominess of most of this past week. Seeing Gavin have fun playing with his friends was enjoyable and rewarding as always.

After his game I ran to Kwik Trip to grab some more water for him before the next game started. The drive provided an opportunity to listen to a little more of my current audiobook, The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. By the time I got back to the fields I was already engrossed in the book.

Gavin played well in the second game too and I was still in the sun. Hey, if it was awesome the first time it was just as awesome the second.

After lunch I went up to my workshop to knock out the next steps on a project. Everything flowed well, went according to plan, and I felt great peace and calm as I created with my hands. I still smell the maple saw dust in my nose and that makes me smile!

Dominic was reffing in the afternoon so I went to pick him up. He drove us home and we shot the bull. Some extra time with just the two of us, the way I’d had with Gavin earlier in the day. So much fun spending time talking with my boys.

After a quick shower we were off to church. Another pleasant service that left me thinking and in a deep state of calm.

Sushi for supper, yum!

Not from today but kinda fits the next paragraph 🙂

After supper Dominic, Becky, and I took the girls for a walk and enjoyed even more fresh air. Getting out moving with a belly full fish was exactly what I needed. Exercise, fresh air, time with the family? Yes please!

Now it’s time for a movie and chillin’ on the couch before hitting the bed.

See what I mean? It has been a Saturday full of stuff I enjoy. To focus on any one part would have missed the point. It has been an awesome day!


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