Day 1,662 – Thankful for Running On Fumes

So many different directions my brain has started to take my blog post today. From early this morning through now I’ve had many different thoughts I’ve started mentally writing my blog about. There were a few times when I considered pausing what I was doing in order to blog in the moment, but I kept allowing myself to stay focused on what I had going on.

It is now waaaaaay past my normal bed time and I can feel the gravity of the early morning alarm pulling my towards my bed. I’m exhausted. It has been a wildly busy and productive day filled with many positives, but I’m feeling pretty well spent. Running on fumes.

The weight of my eyelids is making it exceedingly difficult to even consider a long blog post to cover everything… …my apologies for the pause, just had a huge yawn. 😉

Sitting here exhausted all I can really say is that I’m grateful for running on fumes. I squeezed a lot of life out of the day in very positive ways. The feeling of exhaustion is directly proportional to the successes of the day. Yes, I’m exhausted and about to crash, but I wouldn’t have skipped a moment if I had the opportunity.

Time to crash and rise again like the phoenix in the morning.


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