Day 1,661 – Thankful for a Teammate’s Lesson In Passionately Living a Core Value

At the end of last year I prepared for 2021 by writing a framework of what I wanted to focus on throughout the year. In addition to goal, start doing, and stop doing lists I wrote about my core values. The list of values included a few that I’ve been working on over the past few years and a few that I’m focused on growing into this year. This afternoon I received an awesome lesson in one of those values from a teammate who passionately lives this value.

As I’ve written about a few times our teams all meet at 4pm on Wednesdays to focus on learning more about how to better live our core values. A couple of months ago we decided to pause the values learning and go in a slightly different direction. Each teammate is taking a week to share one thing that they are passionate about.

Today we had a first. Trissa was up in our rotation and threw us all a bit of a curveball. She had individually wrapped gifts for each teammate in each of our three offices that we were to bring with us to training at 4:00 today. Talk about adding some extra excitement to the training!

In her training she started talking about things she is passionate about. After talking about her family she started talking about her Cricut which she uses for crafting some incredible things. She shared pictures of projects she’d worked on in the past – they were amazing! Next thing we knew she said we could each open our present.

As the wrapping paper came off I was treated to this awesome creation:

How awesome and perfectly fitting is that? From the message to it being on a piece of live edge wood to the beautiful simplicity of the design it is perfect! Before the weekend is over this will be hanging up in my house and will smile each time I see it.

As we all went around the Zoom “room” we shared what she had made for each person. Each design was completely unique. There were one dimensional pics, three dimensional designs, different themes, even cups and mugs. As we went around the room each gift was perfectly matched to the individual who opened it. She made something perfectly awesome for each of the about one dozen of us!

I can’t even begin to think of how much time, energy, and passion Trissa put into this. It wasn’t just giving a gift to a bunch of people, it was so much more than that. She took the time to figure out what was important to each person. She designed something specific to fit each person. Trissa then put tons of time into creating something we would each appreciate. One of the most valuable gifts someone can give is the gift of themselves. Trissa made a gift of herself, almost one dozen times.

The smile on her face as the gifts were opened was priceless. It was a look of pure joy, the joy that comes from the creation of joy for others.

We went around the room and shared what we got and we smiled each and every time someone shared their gift. When I got home I immediately showed it off to my family and we each smiled while looking at it. While thinking of where I would hang it I was smiling again. As I blog now I’m smiling again.

What Trissa gave me today was beyond the gift itself. For sure, I am totally grateful for this awesome picture and will treasure it for years. The funny thing is that I will be treasuring it for two reasons. The first is the face value of the gift, an awesome reminder of something that is important to me, something that will remind me to breathe and remember to go into the woods for solace when I’m stressed.

What’s the other reason I will continue to be grateful for this gift? In creating it Trissa showed me what it looks like to live the value of “Give: Make a gift of yourself” with incredibly selfless passion. She taught me a valuable lesson in what it looks like to really make a gift of oneself. Taking time to really know and care about the person (people) you’re giving the gift to. Taking the time to not just get the right message but to find the right way to deliver it. Focusing time and energy on something that will bring someone else joy even though when, especially when, life continues to throw so much at us. Trissa not only made a gift of herself, she did it with a deeply heartfelt passion. The smiles and joy she brought for others will be remembered along with this lesson.

Today I am grateful for the inspiration to live more into the value of “Give” through the wonderful and passionate example of my friend, Trissa.


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