Day 1,659 – Thankful for Flying Down the Highway with a Great Driving Instructor and the Right Cassette in the Tape Deck

First off, don’t you love when one of your favorite bands covers a song by one of your other favorite bands? Earlier today I found out kind of by accident that The Strumbellas recorded an acoustic version of I’m Goin’ Down by Bruce Springsteen. That discovery was a perfect counterbalance to the busy-ness of the day. Throughout the day The Strumbellas were a fantastic soundtrack for the day. Throw in a playing or two of Three Little Birds by Bob Marley and it was a piece of perfect musical peace.

The day was pretty much nonstop from the alarm until now. I had much planned and much came up throughout the day. Not bad or anything, more of a day when I felt like I was flying down the highway with brake issues.

What is most wild to me is that all of the things I wanted to get done got done today. There’s still more to do, but I put work into a handful of dreams while also putting a full day of work and then some while also adulting. Not too shabby! I have to credit Cal Newport for much of the help today as a few of the concepts from his books made huge positive impacts. From working through block time, minimizing digital distractions, and minimizing the number of emails many of the concepts I’ve learned from his books helped me keep rolling.

As I wrap this text up I can’t help but smile and remember an old Vince Lombardi quote…


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