Day 1,658 – Thankful for Soccer Road Trips with the Boys

We love doing stuff all together as a family. Be it a family game night, a family hike, family vacation, or anything of the like we are usually doing it together as a group. Spending time with all four of us is awesome and something I take time to appreciate often as I know it won’t always be the case. As the boys grow up, move out, and start their families I understand that the exact dynamic we have will change to something different. Not better or worse, rather just different. When I keep that mindset it reminds me to appreciate all of our moments together.

Gavin and I have been in Iowa for a soccer tournament since Friday night. Just the two of us hanging out at the hotel, riding in the car, and enjoying soccer. This dynamic is so different than the norm as it is just the two of us. We’ve talked about silly stuff, played games, given each other a hard time, eaten unhealthy, spent time in conversation about life stuff, and just chilled together. It’s been awesome to have so much compact one on one time with him.

I love our family time as a full family, but once in a while there is a different type of fulfillment to be found in these moments as a smaller group. I remember having similar experiences with Dominic at different times including soccer tournaments and Becky and I have definitely had many of those times with just the two of us. In times like this in a smaller group it seems as if we have the unique opportunity to strengthen and deepened our relationships on a different level, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to do just that.


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