Day 1,604 – Thankful for an Opportunity to Test My Patience

For the second straight day I want to lead off with this being for reals and not anything tongue in cheek or passive aggressive. Due to an issue with Dominic’s school bus I had an opportunity to test my patience early in the morning. Would I lose my cool or would I stay calm? For sure, I didn’t get an A+, there were a few moments when I could have kept more cool and chill while still getting my point across. Regardless, I didn’t snap, I didn’t get angry, and I got it resolved. Thanks to Becky I was able to gain a little perspective and make sure it was resolved not just for Dominic, but for all the kids on the route.

Once this event was all done I took a deep breath and even thanked the person helping me for the opportunity to practice my calm early in the morning. I hope they took it the right way, I was genuinely excited for the test this morning.

As if The Big Dude Upstairs wanted to confirm the earlier test I received a phone call from Dominic long after he was supposed to have been home. “Hey Dad, the bus never picked me up today, I’m still at school.” Cue another deep breath and an opportunity to practice.

While grabbing myself tuff to head out the door I sent a text to a teammate I was supposed to be meeting with shortly:

I was on the phone with them working through the solution while simultaneously hopping in the car to pick up Dominic. The funny part was that when I should have been more frustrated – it was almost like I could see this coming this morning – but instead I couldn’t help but smile as I worked through the situation.

The overall good news? The situation should be fixed and won’t happen again. The other good news? I maintained more of my composure than I would have 6 months ago. Still far from perfect, but heading in the right direction. While it may sound pretty wild, I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to test my patience today!


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