Day 1,603 – Thankful for a Sunny Walk After Work With a Temperature of a Balmy 7 Degrees

For reals, I don’t even mean today’s blog to be tongue in cheek! After work Becky, Gavin, and I took the dogs for a walk around our normal loop. The sun was out and it felt wonderful breathing in fresh air.

The crazy thing is that it was only 7 degrees but it felt almost balmy. Whoever would’ve thought that less than double digits would feel nice and warm?

Between early morning runs between 5 and -6 and the past few days of a ridiculously frigid -35 I’ve spent most of my time indoors. There was a brief two minute period on Sunday when I stood outside in shorts, shoes, and nothing else to experience the feel of -31. That was wild!!!

Based on the weather of the past week our walk today felt like a heat wave! Throw in the sun for good measure and the walk was exactly what the doctor ordered.


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