Day 1,580 – Thankful for Starting the Day Productive and Then Enjoying Chill Time Afterwards

After going through my normal morning routine I hopped out of bed with a smile. For whatever reason I was feeling productive and was ready to get at it right away. Once the bed was made I went outside and snowblowed (in shorts of course). Getting a blast of sunlight and fresh morning air was amazing! By the time I was wrapping up the boys were awake and I took some time to show Gavin how to run the snowblower for the last little stretch. Next thing I knew Becky and I were on our way to the grocery store for our weekly shopping. With the Packers game today I wanted to make something that fit the mood for lunch for the boys and I so I tried out a new recipe for buffalo chicken wontons (tasted great, but needed something more hearty like a crusty bread than the wonton). By the time the game was getting close to starting I’d accomplished everything I’d wanted for the day.

Starting the day productively reminded me of how much stronger my motivation and drive are early in the morning. When I wake up and hit the gas the day flies by and I see so much more success. When I laze a bit in the morning it seems I never quite get out of it.

Sometimes I don’t take enough time to just chill, but I remedied that this afternoon. Gavin and I kept working on a game we’re making (a Commander cube draft for MTG for the fellow nerds out there). Once the game was about to start Dominic joined us in the living room and the three of us did absolutely nothing but holler at the TV, eat, and joke around. It was awesome! Becky joined us in the living room towards the end of the first half. Sure, I didn’t quite make it through the entire game – we went for a walk during halftime. After the disappointing finale of the game we had a few things for Scouts and then went right back to chilling.

Back in the day I used to watch football from about 11am until 10pm on Sundays. I’d spend the entire day glued to the TV watching all three games and all the commentary in-between. Now? This was the first game I watched in totality this year. I’m pretty sure it was the first time I saw more than 15 minutes since the last Super Bowl. Taking time to just sit on the couch is not what I’m usually in the mood for.

That’s where the dichotomy of today was oddly balancing and peaceful. To be sure, I have no intention of sitting on my butt and accomplishing so little on a Sunday again for a long time, but it did feel good to chill… especially because of the productive things I did earlier in the morning to start it off.

Not my normal jam today and it felt pretty good for a change of pace. Back to full speed tomorrow 😀


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