Day 1,547 – Thankful for a Difficult yet Rewarding Mindset Shift and Thinking To 2021

Without getting into too much detail today was the culmination of a mindset shift I’ve been working of for a few years. It has been difficult and required many mental calisthenics while continuing to learn through mistakes.

Over the past handful of years my cohorts and mentors have been working with me on this shift. Mentally, it made perfect sense. However, sometimes there are habits that are very difficult to change. While hearing how much of a difference it would make I kept feeling the gravity of past action pull me back to what I’ve always done and what I’ve always known.

In many ways it fits the “ball in cup” model of regime change and resilience that Becky wrote about in her PhD thesis. Today felt like the point in which I went over the peak of the next cup and can feel the momentum pulling me towards the next stable state. I don’t know a better way to explain it other than how incredible it felt to have a sense of positive progress.

What’s most interesting is the different sensation of reward that came from this mindset than from the previous one. It was more profound and also showed so many more opportunities. I’m so grateful for everyone who has helped push me to this point!

Something else that’s been on my mind a lot is a practice a business mentor follow each year. They look ahead to the next year and set their Top 3 goals for the next calendar year. They then look at the Top 3 Supporting goals for those Top 3 goals. Once they have those goals (6 in total) written out they then look at what are the Top 3 things they need to STOP doing to accomplish their goals. They then move to setting the Top 3 things they need to remember in order to meet their goals. These lists are what they review at the very beginning of each day to help guide them through what is the most important.

When I heard this the first time I thought about how time consuming it would be to do this – setting it at the start of the year and then reviewing that list each and every single day. And then I started thinking… What are the three biggest goals I would like to accomplish in the next year? What would I need to stop doing? What would I need to start doing? All day long my brain has been thinking on this topic.

Over the next week I’ll be spending time in thought and jotting notes to myself to get this list down. Over the past almost 2,000 days I’ve taught myself how to one activity daily, one that is time consuming and requires additional thought and is grit intensive… and it’s had a tremendous positive impact on my life. Why could I not do one more thing daily to more deeply enhance the joy in my life?


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