Day 1,540 – Thankful for a Sizable List of Gratitudes

Whew!!! What a day it’s been! From an early morning drive up north to time in the workshop with Dominic tonight it’s been a full one.

There are a handful of things I’d like to blog about, but they aren’t things that can always be shared in detail. I know, sounds suspenseful, right? Totally not intentional, and certainly nothing scandalous. Here are some of the high level highlights:

  • Laying in bed after waking up and seeing how low I can drop my heart rate (39bpm)
  • Reading my daily Stoic meditation before getting up
  • Re-listening to the Jim Collins podcast I wrote about last night and gleaning more ideas and insights
  • Enjoying the quiet and calm of being in an office before anyone else comes in
  • Enjoying the rapidly increasing sounds of teammates coming into the office
  • Learning from past mistakes
  • Seeing others view mistakes as their biggest successes as it was an opportunity for hem to learn (living the Growth Mindset)
  • Learning from the advice of mentors
  • Patience – from others, for others
  • Well timed jokes
  • Having the confidence to say no to potential business deal that isn’t a favorable one
  • Seeing how excited Becky is when she’s talking about her work day
  • Teaching Dominic how to grill
  • The smells of different species of sawdust
  • The stinging in my eyes from sawdust
  • Learning I can get my favorite Old Fashioneds to go
  • The weight of LuLu leaning up against me as she whines and insists I should be rubbing her belly instead of typing my blog

There are those and so many other moments of awesomeness in my life for which I’m grateful for today.

Life, thanks for all you gave me today – the good, the bad, the motivating, the frustrating, and everything in between. I’m grateful for each moment and the opportunity to exist today.


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